What are Muscadine Grapes?

There are many different types of grapes found throughout the world, and many of the different species are known for their use in the production of great wines like those that come from France and Italy. One that can be added to the list of outstanding grapes is the Muscadine Grapes.

This particular strain of grapes comes in the summer grapes category. Older versions of this grape were found growing in the wild, but the newer varieties are found in some of the warmer states of the US, and North Carolina has capitalized on this by turning the Muscadine grapes into a growing industry.

Muscadine grapes have their own characteristics when compared to other grapes. In the right climate, like that which is found in North Carolina, the growth of these grapes is vigorous. The bark of the vines is non-shedding and have shoots that look like they have warts on them, and they have tendrils that are unbranched.

In order for the Muscadine Grapes industry to thrive, growers must follow the best growing procedures for these grapes which include growing them in the proper location, then caring for them with proper irrigation. Fertilizing is necessary as is pruning. To increase the production of crops, growers can practice propagation while controlling pests and diseases is important. The muscadine grapes are not as vulnerable to many of the pests and diseases that a lot of the other grape species are. The final step is the harvesting.

Another aspect that is beneficial to Muscadine Grapes industry in North Carolina is that there are many different types of cultivars within this grape family. The most popular is the Carlos Cultivar and it is estimated that about 90 to 95% of the muscadine grapes grown here are of this cultivar. It is found to be exceptional for the making wines and grape juices.

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