What are Muscadine Grapes Used For

Many that have Muscadine Grape vineyards are anxious to promote it for additional uses which is what most industries will do with their main product.


Naturally, wine would have to be at the top of the list for many of the different strains of grapes and the Muscadine grapes are included in this. The industry has its own association that is promoting this industry and is focusing on the winemaking when it comes to the Muscadine Grapes. The North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association also supports this.

Juices – Jams – Jellies

Not everyone enjoys wine yet they do appreciate the taste of Muscadine grapes, so they are in favour of it being used in other products. This gives them a chance to enjoy the grapes in a non-alcoholic form. Muscadine vineyards are quite happy with this as it allows them to expand their target markets and expand their industry in North Carolina.

Muscadine Grapes for Home Use

Something else that is quickly growing in popularity for the North Carolina muscadine grape growers is being able to put their products in the supermarkets. More uses are being discovered for the use of grapes which is what is creating this appeal. The simplest form of using this grape is to merely eat it as a fresh fruit. They can be frozen whole then thawed at a later date and used for a hull pie. These grapes make a great compote that can be used in combination with other dishes. Some are beginning to use the muscadine grapes that they have picked up at a fresh market in North Carolina for making syrups and vinaigrettes.

As the popularity of the Muscadine grapes continues to grow, it will result in the growth of the industry as a whole. Plus, what is being recognized in general about grapes is their nutritional value and the Muscadine grapes fit well with what it can contribute to these nutritional parameters.

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