How Important is the Muscadine Grape Industry to North Carolina?

Any industry that is thriving or has the potential to grow is important to every state. For North Carolina, one of the industries that hold some significant importance to the economy here is the Muscadine Grape Industry.

The type of impact it has on the economy comes in at $1.7 billion. This is so impressive that the Governor of North Carolina made September the month for celebrating the wine and grape industry in the state. It is estimated that there are now in excess of 525 grape growers and the state has over 180 wineries.

Recognizing the importance of this industry, it is now pushing its marketing campaigns and creating awareness where the general public will recognize not only the value of production of grapes, like the Muscadine grape, but the many products that can be derived from it.

As part of its marketing tactic, they are encouraging both residents and tourists to visit some of the wineries within the state. They are also encouraging local consumers to buy locally made wine and related products. When ordering wine at restaurants, they are encouraging patrons to order the local wines.

These are just a few of ways that the industry is trying to attain growth. The more that is known about the industry, the more popular the products will become. It is important to break the stigma that exceptional wines are only those that are imported from countries like France or Italy.

The industry growth is good for the economy in many different ways. It can provide many opportunities for growth in employment at various levels. Not only for growing and the production of grapes, but in the development of end products and the delivery of these to the consumers. New strains of the Muscadine Grapes are being tried and tested which will help to expand the industry.

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