Capitalizing on the Health Benefits of the Muscadine Grapes

If you happen to be a resident of North Carolina then you may be well aware of the importance of the Muscadine Grapes industry. These grapes are increasing in their popularity as they are being noted for the fine wines that can be produced from them. This includes other important products like juices, jams, and jellies as well, and not to mention how good they taste when eaten simply as a fruit.

What is really helping to boost the muscadine grapes industry in North Carolina is the awareness that is being created with respect to their nutrition. It has been shown that this fruit is now outshining the pomegranates and blueberries when it comes to the antioxidants that they possess. They also have high concentrations of resveratrol and ellagic acid.


This is an antioxidant that is quickly gaining recognition for its ability to help fight cancer and reduce cholesterol. It has gained such attention that more studies are being conducted on it. Some of the early indications are that it may be beneficial for helping with high blood pressure and some cardiovascular diseases and maybe even Alzheimers.

Other Benefits

The Muscadine grapes are loaded with other benefits as well. For those who are watching their fat intake, they can rest assured that these grapes are fat-free. They are high in fiber, very low in sodium content, and they are one of the best foods to consume for manganese. While you can enjoy these benefits by consuming them in any of the products they are used in, to get the full benefit, eating them as a fruit including the skin is the most beneficial.

The Muscadine Grape industry is being very proactive in promoting the muscadine grapes as it is rapidly supporting the wine industry as well as the growing number of healthy eaters.

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