About the North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association

Almost every industry has at least one association and this holds true for the Muscadine Grape industry in North Carolina. The organization for this is the North Carolina Muscadine Grape Association.

This organization has taken on the responsibility of promoting the muscadine grape wine industry, and they have recognized the importance of educating the public about the nutritional value that the muscadine grapes possess.

Over the last few years, the organization has been intent on studying and creating awareness of the different varieties of these grapes. Members of the organization have been pro-active in testing several different varieties that are fit for consumption. They have also worked hard at being able to identify the critical components of good grapes such as what they possess by way of antioxidants, nutrients, how sweet they are, and their different sizes.

By being able to identify the qualities of the different varieties, it will help expand the Muscadine Grape industry in North Carolina. This will, in turn, entice more individuals to start vineyards, it can create more employment, and it can bring additional products to the market including more varieties in wines.

The Association is putting a great deal of emphasis on the nutritional value of the Muscadine Grape wines. It is firmly believed that this species of grapes supersedes many of the other types when it comes to their nutritional value. There are questions being raised as to whether the muscadine grape will become one of the superfoods in the future. All indications are that the members of this association believe so and at the very least, they hope so. Members are excited about their research and findings that they have gathered concerning this grape.

Being able to buy a fine quality wine that doesn’t have to be imported from Europe and one that has such a high nutritional value is something that this organization is aggressively promoting.

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